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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Probably the game I’ve been anticipating more than any other since Halo 3 came out, Grand Theft Auto IV, has released (leaked) it’s Xbox 360 achievements.

You can find the full list here.

Near the bottom you’ll notice a lot of multiplayer achievements. This game could require hundreds of hours of time to play.

April 29 is the U.S. release date.


Everyone playing in our 2nd tournament needs to get signed up for their times to play.

If you don’t get signed up for your match, you will be given a forfeit. There were too many issues last tournament with scheduling so we will do it on my terms now. I will hopefully have another person available to officiate soon as well.

Please click on the tab above to see availability. I’ll update frequently. Please contact me directly or use the chatter box on the league site. Both players must confirm the time.



Well I’m taking a short break from everything for the next 5 days. After work on Saturday we head to Seattle to visit some friends. Should be a good time. I think my NHL Team League Blue Jackets will survive without me for a few days now that I finally have a captain.

It’s so much work but it’s so much fun being the GM of the Jackets. Though we started off 2-3, we have a great group of players and I think it’s only going to get better with a couple guys coming up through training camp that I know are really good.

On another note, I got an email saying I’m on a roller hockey team which starts next Thursday! I can’t wait to play because I took all of last year off because Cincinnati doesn’t know what hockey is. Thankfully there is no shortage of that in the great state of Minnesota. We’ll see how well I do against the best players from the state of hockey.

See you on Thursday!


Well finally the new roster for NHL 08 is out. This makes just two, but both have been fantastic, right down to all the AHL players changing.

To go along with the update though was a VERY unexpected change. No longer are you limited to 3 vs. 3, but now you can play 6 on 6!!!

Brilliant move on EA’s part. I played one game which was 4 on 4 and there was zero lag involved. I’ve had frequent games with noticeable lag when it’s 3 on 3 so hopefully they have stronger servers to handle the traffic.

Assuming everyone knows how to play hockey and plays their position properly, 6 on 6, or even just 5 on 5 is a real joy here.

Now hopefully everyone stops crying and being little babies wondering where the roster update is. Looks like we know why it took so long! I for one am GLAD it took this long if we get this added bonus!!

Well after 2 grueling rounds of competition, we are down to the final 2 contenders in our American Gladiators Tournament. The match takes place on Friday March 14th at 8:30 EDT.

The matchup pits JLPerson14, part creator of our tournament, taking on Sarg338, a Halo vet.

Anyone who wants to show up to watch is welcome to do so.

I would like all eligible gladiators to show up as well.

Tournament #2 signups are underway as well!

Well only in the world of baseball do you get the most bizarre injuries, and the Cubs continue to be riddled with them. We’ve had Sammy Sosa sneeze his back out, Carlos Zambrano getting internet elbow, and now we have Felix Pie putting his testicles on backwards.

According to the Cubs website, in a one sentence blurb at the bottom of an article about Alfonso Soriano’s finger, it says: “outfielder Felix Pie missed a couple of days early because of a twisted testicle”. Wha?

What the hell is a twisted testicle and how do you do that? Just one of them? I mean really I have a ton of questions about this. How does one twist his testicle? It’s not something anyone would ever try for fun. (Somewhere, someone is attempting to twist their own sack because of Pie). I read this three times hoping it was a misprint, an early april fools joke or something but it goes into NO detail about it. I also cannot find any details on the internet anywhere pertaining to this injury.

At least Joel Zumaya had a real injury by playing Guitar Hero non-stop until he hurt himself.

Registration for American Gladiators Halo 3 Tournament 2 is now open.

Anyone who is in our first tournament knows how much fun this has been thus far. We are shooting for up to 16 players this time around so everyone please tell your friends or other people you game with who might be interested.

To register, click here.