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Well only in the world of baseball do you get the most bizarre injuries, and the Cubs continue to be riddled with them. We’ve had Sammy Sosa sneeze his back out, Carlos Zambrano getting internet elbow, and now we have Felix Pie putting his testicles on backwards.

According to the Cubs website, in a one sentence blurb at the bottom of an article about Alfonso Soriano’s finger, it says: “outfielder Felix Pie missed a couple of days early because of a twisted testicle”. Wha?

What the hell is a twisted testicle and how do you do that? Just one of them? I mean really I have a ton of questions about this. How does one twist his testicle? It’s not something anyone would ever try for fun. (Somewhere, someone is attempting to twist their own sack because of Pie). I read this three times hoping it was a misprint, an early april fools joke or something but it goes into NO detail about it. I also cannot find any details on the internet anywhere pertaining to this injury.

At least Joel Zumaya had a real injury by playing Guitar Hero non-stop until he hurt himself.


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  1. it is called a testicular torsion where one of your testicles twist restricting bloodflow and it hurts like a motherfucker. if you dont treat it immediately you could loose your testicle

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