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Well finally the new roster for NHL 08 is out. This makes just two, but both have been fantastic, right down to all the AHL players changing.

To go along with the update though was a VERY unexpected change. No longer are you limited to 3 vs. 3, but now you can play 6 on 6!!!

Brilliant move on EA’s part. I played one game which was 4 on 4 and there was zero lag involved. I’ve had frequent games with noticeable lag when it’s 3 on 3 so hopefully they have stronger servers to handle the traffic.

Assuming everyone knows how to play hockey and plays their position properly, 6 on 6, or even just 5 on 5 is a real joy here.

Now hopefully everyone stops crying and being little babies wondering where the roster update is. Looks like we know why it took so long! I for one am GLAD it took this long if we get this added bonus!!



  1. I actually think the 6 vs. 6 team play sucks.

    I played one game and during the first 2 minutes of play, there were THREE pauses.

    Also, no one plays their position. Everyone just wants the puck, so 90% of the time you’ve got about 6 players chasing after it. The worst part is how the defensemen usually play forward too.

    Everyone is offside all the time as well.

    The only way 6 vs. 6 will work is if the people playing are friends, and it’s really hard to find 11 friends to play with.

    Personally I’d rather stick to 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3.

  2. Well yeah you’ll get that. At the very minimum I’m always on the same team with people I know.

    We played 5 on 5 last night, our team was only guys I knew and we played against random people. It really was a lot of fun.

    Having a bunch of players with great hockey knowledge is fun and also eliminates the near automatic cherry picking when you call for a pass from the computer.

    The only flaw is that when there are penalties, someone is forced to play goalie.

  3. How is 6 on 6 possible ? I only see 8 consoles max in the custom create game setup

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