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Ok, I’ve been questioning the $1000 leeway for getting a double showcase/Million Dollar win in the showcase.

I thought the first two $1,000,000 wins were simply WAY too easy and it should have remained a $250 or less difference to win it.

Drew Carey is simply amazing though. He gave away $1,000,000 on his FIRST show of Power of 10, and then on his first Million Dollar Spectacular gave it away. Then again he did it! Howie Mandel? Not so much.

However, not yet has someone won the $1,000,000 pricing game. Clock Game was chosen as this game. Bob Barker always described this game as the only pricing game where if you know how to play it, you can win every single time. To win the big money you had to get both prizes in just 10 seconds. Not easy at all.

See what happened in case you didn’t:



  1. wow, that clip was amazing! I watch it sometimes when I am not subbing during the day, but I didn’t know they were giving away $1,000,000. 🙂

  2. Jamie,

    That’s from the nighttime version of TPIR. They have one more episode of the six part series this Friday night on CBS.

    Also they will tape four more Million Dollar Spectaculars that air on Wednesday nights in late April.

    Quite different from the daytime show where prizes are drastically smaller.

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