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Well I knew they’d be able to put out good multiplayer games on XBLO. Starting on Monday, we have a new game for Xbox Originals!

The sequel to an absolute classic and groundbreaking multiplayer game, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory changes very little from it’s previous installment, Pandora Tomorrow.

I really don’t care about the single player aspect, though it IS fantastic. It was the multiplayer 2 vs. 2 game play that was amazing. 2 vs. 2 doesn’t seem like much but it makes both players very accountable. It also means fewer idiots involved in the game since most people used a partner to play with.

This is a MUST have simply for the multiplayer alone. However, at $15 and the risk of taking up half your 20GB hard drive, it’s probably best to get a cheap used copy from Gamestop for $6. The game IS backwards compatible in case you’re wondering.

If you’re worried about there being too few people online, I’m with you. However, I believe with this being released on Xbox Originals, I think there will be plenty of players old and new to keep everyone busy for a long time.

Best multiplayer EVER.

Go get this game!


  1. i’ve been trying to access the online, and it won’t work for me via the disc, it says games can no longer be created… so my question is does the XBLO download come with the multiplayer? i sure hope so.. i’d rather pandora tomorrow.. but those servers were shut down 😦

  2. ya i downloaded it just for the online play and it says it out dated push A to upload… i push A and game restarts and nothing happens any ideas anyone?

  3. i had this game for xbox and it was amazing just for the online play but it wouldn’t let me go online on it for some reason and i’m thinking of downloading it off xbox live but i’m wondering if you can do online multiplayer, help anyone?

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