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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Well we now have a place aside from this blog for our American Gladiators on Halo 3 League.

I’m keeping it simple as using a free League Lineup site for it. Here is the URL:

The site will have the full league schedule as well as have league news, stats and full standings.

I’ll maintain the league records on my blog for now.

Again, we have 7 confirmed players for the league and I hope to have 8-12. If you want to play, just message me and let me know. You’ll be required to attend a tutorial and you must be able to play on a designated night once per week.


Well I found this site which appears to be legitimate that allows you to gamble on sports events. It’s called

Not only do you contribute NOTHING, but you can actually get paid money thanks to the extensive advertising on the site.

You start with 10 cents of play money and if you get it up to $20, you can get a real check.

No credit card info to enter and no personal information required. Sign up via THIS LINK HERE and I can earn 5% on every bet you win. Then you and YOUR friends can do the same so you can make 5% on their bets.

CLICK HERE to signup. Please do this directly from my blog.

Rumors have been swirling recently (not really) that our podcast would make a comeback. I’m looking into various sites that will allow me to be able to produce a short and more concrete version of the show.

Therefore, everyone who has any interest in helping me put something together will be very much welcome to.

For those unfamiliar, JK Says was a short lived podcast prior to this blog.

Nothing is certain but I know if it does happen it will be live and allow for call-ins during the show. It would be between 15-30 minutes long and be a weekly show.

Happy days could be here again!

Well as you probably knew, our previous tournament was a bust because of opening it up to random people. Of course you can’t trust people you don’t know or those who haven’t established themselves yet.

However, beginning sometime in June, I’m going to start an American Gladiators on Halo 3 league. This means there will be a regular season with standings, full playoffs and a grand champion at the end of it.

I’m shooting for 8 players but anyone who is COMMITTED to playing games is welcome to join. I’ll even show you all the maps beforehand so you get to know the rules better.

We also have 3 new events that have not been seen. Racetrack, Head-On, and Gauntlet. They all involve vehicles which should compliment the popularity of Atlasphere.

Everyone has the Heroic Map Pack so there’s no excuse for not joining now.

If you are interested, let me know.

I currently have 7 players committed and am looking for one more, and maybe would be willing to have additional players.

Slow times going on lately and I’ve neglected this blog so I thought I’d put something up.

From over half a century ago, here’s Abbott and Costello’s famous piece, “Who’s On First”.