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Monthly Archives: June 2008

We have our 8 players set and ready for league play on Tuesday July 1 starting pronto at 7:30pm Eastern Time.

We will run 7 consecutive weeks with 2 weeks of playoffs beginning after that.

You will play against another person each week. Standings will use wins-losses to determine playoffs.

Tie breakers will be head to head victory. In the event of a 3 way tie or greater with equal head to head records, there will be a one game playoff with altered rules put in place.

Good luck everyone.


If you’re waiting for episode 3 of the JK Says Radio Show to begin, just wait. I’m working on getting my DIRECTV fixed after my recent HD channels were added. The show is tentatively scheduled to start at 4:30 Eastern and hopefully this will still allow us a live look in to the Germany/Turkey match.

Feel free to call up.

Well so far the JK Says radio show has been successful. The 30 minute premiere had a couple callers and a few more in the live chat.

No show next week but we’ll have episode 2 on Friday afternoon at 4pm Eastern time.

If you have something to say or want to call in, listen LIVE on Friday.

I need as many people to help out as possible for this.

Wednesday June 4 at 4pm Eastern Time (1pm Pacific), I will be conducting a test run of my future radio show at

I’d like some of you to call in during the live broadcast. It is a 30 minute show so be ready to call right at 4pm.

The call in number is (646) 716-8692. Simply call that phone number when the show is live to get on the air with me. I just want to make sure the show is properly run.

For a link to the show click here.

The debut for JK Says: The Radio Show is June 11 at 4pm Eastern.

The Show will feature segments on Sports, Gaming, Entertainment, and your calls and emails.