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You are completely annoying. Your legacy is being destroyed in my mind and you are turning into that old guy that starts talking to you for no reason and won’t leave you alone.

In a football sense he’s absolutely killing the Packers. How can that organization move forward with these side antics going on?

It’s now be reported that Brett Farve has been offered $20 million to NOT play for the Pack. Details aren’t completely available, but Green Bay is set to offer him this money over several years to simply go away.

Another option is to trade him to the Vikings or Bears, inter-divison rivals they wanted to avoid dealing with.

Look, I love the NFL. Even after moving away, I still have Indianapolis Colts season tickets, but Farve is absolutely ruining my experience with the league because that’s all anyone in the media wants to discuss.

Brett, stop pissing everyone off and just go away. Save what little dignity you still have and stop being a baby. No one would have thought less of you if you had just said at the end of last season you wanted to return. Remember that Farve had a great 2007 and could certainly play a few more years and still be effective.



  1. stop whining!

  2. Wow, way to make an intelligent reply. I expected nothing less from a Farve crony though.

    I have zero respect for a guy who holds an entire organization hostage like he has for the last 2 years. Call it whining if you want, I’ll simply call it what everyone who ISN’T wearing yellow/green #4 glasses thinks…annoying.

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