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After years of touchdown passes, winning seasons, and even a Super Bowl Championship, the Green Bay Packers and Brett Farve have parted ways.

Of course the only thing that prevented Farve from playing with the Packers, is Brett Farve himself. Remember just a couple days ago that everything was set with him ready to “earn his spot” on the team? Well it’s Farve’s decision that negated that. Simply another slap in the face to the organization and to the loyal fans of Green Bay.

Look, everyone knows if there had been a competition for the starting QB spot, Farve would have won easily. The fact is that Farve is acting like a baby for not getting his way. Apparently he’s above having a competition. Of course it’s pretty obvious that fans are not going to be happy and the blinded Packer fans will simply turn the other cheek and forgive Farve for figuratively spitting on them.

Farve seems legitimately confused as to why the Packers don’t want him. I can think of a few reasons…

– Remember 2 years ago when he held out THROUGH the NFL draft about his future? Yeah, how are the Packers supposed to draft when they have no clue about the future of their most important position?

– His retirement announcement was pretty sincere and it SHOULD be safe to say he’s done. So now the team is trying to groom Rodgers into the starting spot and what happens…Farve wants to keep playing.

– $20 million to go away. If this didn’t click for Farve, it’s obvious nothing else will. 20 mil to NOT play? Yeah that’s the ultimate stay the hell out of Lambeau field gesture.

I know people like “farvefan” would probably still back Farve if he became a serial killer as they would somehow justify it. Let’s be realistic here. Farve is a legendary quarterback, and a good guy, but he’s absolutely going about this the wrong way and no matter what anyone says or thinks, this will go over about as well as Joe Montana playing for the Kansas City Chiefs did.

Of course speaking of other teams, the Tampa Bucs and the New York Jets seem likely to be the new home of Brett Farve.

Now hopefully we can get to more important things in sports like the olympics, the start of the NFL for 31 other teams, the MLB pennant chase, and every other great story that is going by the wayside.


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