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A few days ago posted a small article about a video made by bungie which is a video acceptance speech, to say the least, for winning an Edge Award for “Interactive Innovation”. The video was done in Machinima style and teased at several different things while not confirming any of it.

Take a look!

If you snoop around the Internet long enough you will get pretty much the same answer from everyone, bungie is making a full map editor and is adding bots to the multilayer. Which are pretty reasonable and somewhat obvious inquiries, BUT….. that’s not enough for me. Let me clarify, being a fan of the halo series and of bungie studios sense Halo 1 came out I’ve learned that bungie ALWAYS has something up their sleeve. While all that people are saying about the video, the map editor, the bots, there maybe much much more to this that we don’t even realize yet.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about it last night. He says “who knows it could end up being an entirely new game for all we know”. Hows that for more to the video than we think? Though i may not agree with him totally there i have no dought in my mind bungie wont disappoint us with what ever it might be that they release.

This brings me to my next point, if say this is a map editor. This will pump up the user created or community created content in other words by, well alot. More user content means more halo experience, more halo experience means no need for halo 4 yet. And yes I’m sure there will be a halo 4 its only a matter of when. So my thought is we are not going to see halo 4 until the new xbox.

I am quite excited to see what all this turns out be. One of the things I love and I believe should be in every video game is the chance to make something your self, user created content. I live for stuff like that. I’ve spent hours upon hours in forge poring my creativity into maps and other things and still am not bored of it. I can’t imagine what a complete map editor would do to me. Also being a machinima writer this would open up so many possibilities for new machinima.

Bungie loves the community more than anything and that’s what makes them so successful, among other things. They know what we like so its safe to say what ever they have planned is not going to disappoint.



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