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Well no matter what you think, these Beijing games will be remembered mostly for one thing, Michael Phelps’ amazing run at 8 gold medals. A flawless victory for Phelps who won easily in some races while winning by the slimmest of margins in others.

I don’t want to break down every single race because it’s swimming. Seriously who all knows every little nuance of swimming? If you say you do you are probably lying. It’s very simple, swimming is relevant for about 9 days every 4 years so I don’t feel I can accurately break down the amazing 4 leg of the relay where Jason Lezak turned into a submarine to overcome a full body length deficit with 25 meters to go. I can’t tell you how Phelps managed to use his huge reach to win his 2nd to last race by .01 seconds.

What I DO know, is that this is easily the greatest accomplishment in the history of the Olympics. I also know that it could be one of the greatest achievements in sports history. The problem is, 2 months from now, no one will care. That is essentially what these games are all about too. We see things we don’t normally see, we watch intently, and then we move on.

Phelps is a great guy and a greater role model to what all young people should look to achieve.

There is one thing about Phelps that bothers me however. Recently he has been linked to Lindsay Lohan. Michael, don’t do it. The cost of being in the news after the olympics is not worth the hit to your image. Why would you want to be involved with that train wreck? Lohan is everything that is wrong with our morally bankrupt society and this can not possibly help Phelps out.


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