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One of the biggest stories of the Olympic games for the United States was a tragic one. The death of Todd Bachman, father of former Olympic volleyballer Elizabeth Bachman, and father-in-law of U.S. Men’s Head Coach Hugh McCutcheon was very emotional for the team and the entire country.

Well despite the setbacks, the Men’s Volleyball team played for gold last night at midnight Eastern time. They won the gold medal in 4 sets 20-25, 25-22, 25-21, 25-23. Now normally I’d prevent spoilers but this is a sporting event and already happened. Of course it was viewed by a television audience of precisely zero.

The match is scheduled to be aired just prior to the closing ceremony (also recorded), in prime time Sunday night.

So let me get this straight…One of the major sports at the Olympics, which has one of the most emotional stories of the Olympics, which hasn’t had a medal in 2 decades, who are undefeated in the Olympics and are playing for the gold medal, get bumped to an 18 hour tape delay?

Not only that, but at the same time on CNBC, Universal HD, AND the official Olympic Basketball channel, they are showing a bronze medal basketball game between two teams which are NOT the U.S. Three channels for the same game, but none for the Men’s Volleyball gold medal match live? So I turned to regular NBC and maybe they’ll come to their senses and show it. Nope, I get tape delayed Mountain Biking.

To throw salt in the wound, they made a big deal about showing the Men’s Volleyball semi-finals LIVE. Why could they not show a more important match live?

It would have been a perfect lead-in to the Men’s Basketball gold medal match at 2:30pm Eastern which was LIVE on NBC.

You cannot possibly tell me that more people who were up at that hour were more interested in rhythmic gymnastics, mountain biking and the bronze medal basketball game.

Nice job NBC, way to take away one of the greatest moments of these Olympics and put it on tape delay when you could have easily shown it to an audience live. Hopefully you lose a ton of ratings points from the intelligent people out there who can decipher the difference between recorded sports, and live ones.

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