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First off, sorry for lack of updates.

JK Says, my former weekly radio show is currently on hiatus. I’m not enjoying it as much as I did and feel there is little I want to even discuss. This is probably coinciding with a lack of audience.

I promise we will continue the show in November when 24 begins on television.

Second, I have also found my presidential candidate. Previously I said I’d have a big rant coming, and don’t worry it is coming. I’ve done a LOT of research on 3rd party candidates who I feel would make a much better president than either of the two knuckleheads we have running for the two “main” parties.

My decision came down to Ralph Nader (Independent), Bob Barr (Libertarian), and Chuck Baldwin (Constitution).

After visiting tens of websites on each party and each presidential nominee, I am throwing my support behind Chuck Baldwin.

As always, more to come!


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