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#10…Tested On Animals vs. Killer Klowns
Regular Season Roller Hockey League at The Plex, Fort Wayne, IN…Date unknown

Since moving to Minnesota, I feel like my roller hockey skill has vastly improved, mainly because of the talent that is available up here. I’ve told people that the lowest level of hockey up here is probably the equivalent of the highest division at The Plex in Fort Wayne. To add to that, I’d probably venture to say the best team(s) up here in the low division would beat the best team(s) in Fort Wayne in the high division.

I also just a couple weeks ago played what I consider my 2nd best roller hockey game ever.

However nothing compares to the night I had several years ago when I played with a team that was essentially put together at the last minute. There is a lot of backstory to the reasons why I played for this team but none of that is really important or relevant to this particular game. What it boils down to is, our team really wasn’t able to compete with most of the other teams skill-wise.

How we came up with our team name, Tested On Animals, I have no clue. I’m sure a few people who are on Facebook would know the answer to that, but off hand I can’t recall.

It was about the mid-way point of the season and we had a winless record. We were going up against a team who was either in a tie for first or one game back of first place, The Killer Klowns. It was a team that was usually quite competitive and were extremely physical, trying to be intimidating I suppose.

Going up against the Klowns on this night was definitely fun. Everything went right as we jumped out to an early lead. It was an end to end scoring chance-fest. The thing was, only one team was scoring, us.

The Killer Klowns had a player who I have a certain dislike for and I hate to name names of these people so we’ll just call him Jason Duff. This is a guy who thinks he is playing for the Stanley Cup every game. It’s similar to Softball Guy I guess but much more annoying. He’s also not that good of a player but thinks he is. Anyway, Duff is taking everything way to seriously and getting extremely (and noticeably) frustrated that he cannot score on me. He rushed me on one play and made it look like an accident which is clearly wasn’t. I was so in the zone that game that I simply showed him the puck and told him he dropped it.

Late in the game we pulled ahead to a 9-0 lead and Duff punches one of our players in the back of the head basically starting a small brawl which I was THIS close to getting involved in. Clearly showing his extreme frustration for not being able to score and apparently get his chance at playing in the NHL, he tries to take on three guys by himself and of course is ejected from the game. It was probably the most satisfying point of the night.

With less than a minute remaining, I stopped a clear cut breakaway preserving my shutout while we took the puck the other way and scored, winning 10-0. It was a huge thrill to be able to win our first game in the fashion that we did. It was also the only time I’ve ever achieved a shutout in roller hockey. There wasn’t much else to be happy about that particular season, but this was my favorite moment ever playing this sport.

As I mentioned before, I hope some of you on this team read this and will comment about it. I did enjoy playing with some of you. I really miss playing at The Plex and robbing your shots.

As I continue the countdown, posting a shutout against a first place team while playing for a winless club is #10 on my top 15 sports moments.


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  1. just so you know i am a roller hockey player, my name is jason duff, i do get frusterated and i do think im pretty good….

    of course i live in colorado, so im not your guy but fuck you anyway

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