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So it’s been quite a long time since I even visited my blog, but I’ll certainly be getting back to it. Now I know there are several things I can talk about, and for all I know, I’ll post several of them very soon.

If you are unaware, I purchased a Playstation 3 on ebay for very cheap. It was around $325 AND it was an older one meaning it is backwards compatible with PS2 and PSone games.

Now to be fair, I’ve never been a fan of the Playstation. I’ve actually never been a Playstation owner and held my own with Nintendo for years. Then the Xbox came out and I was hooked on the system that was superior to the PS2 in so many ways. When the Xbox 360 came out, I waited a couple months and ultimately bought one. The PS3 came out a year later with Blue Ray capabilities and a hefty price. Unfortunately, I can count the number of games on my fingers I would play on PS3 that are NOT on 360.

Finally came the one killer app, something the Xbox doesn’t have and can’t hold a candle to. That game is MLB 09: The Show.

Now I know you’re probably thinking it’s stupid to buy a system solely for a single game, but let’s remember, I’ve now fully switched over to Blu-Ray movies and they are fantastic. There is also a couple games on PS2 called Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 which are games I’ve always wanted to play.

I’ve wanted to play The Show for quite awhile considering the crappy alternative on Xbox is MLB 2k9. Essentially that game is beer league softball with crappy controls. I cannot believe people can sit there and play 2k9 and think, “yeah this game is like real baseball and fun to play”.

The Show features typical modes like Franchise, online play and the sort. But a unique feature is a mode called Road to the Show. This is where you start your career in AA (there are many AA and AAA teams in this game too) and try to work your way up to the Bigs. You control your player and ONLY your player in every facet of each game. So if you are a pitcher, you only play in games where you actually pitch and you don’t bat (unless you’re in a non-DH league). My player is a Shortstop and I get to play defense when there is a chance I touch the ball. I also take every at bat and become a runner on base.

If you haven’t seen me on Xbox Live much, this is the reason why. I’m still trying to decide if MLB 09 exceeds the greatest baseball game ever made, MVP 05, or not. They are definitely #1 and #2 all time though.

This game really is a killer app for PS3, the same way Halo is for Xbox.


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