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First off, sorry for lack of updates.

JK Says, my former weekly radio show is currently on hiatus. I’m not enjoying it as much as I did and feel there is little I want to even discuss. This is probably coinciding with a lack of audience.

I promise we will continue the show in November when 24 begins on television.

Second, I have also found my presidential candidate. Previously I said I’d have a big rant coming, and don’t worry it is coming. I’ve done a LOT of research on 3rd party candidates who I feel would make a much better president than either of the two knuckleheads we have running for the two “main” parties.

My decision came down to Ralph Nader (Independent), Bob Barr (Libertarian), and Chuck Baldwin (Constitution).

After visiting tens of websites on each party and each presidential nominee, I am throwing my support behind Chuck Baldwin.

As always, more to come!


WARNING WARNING…I’m posting something related to politics and will eventually post something ridiculously long and out of place with my usual blog.

The final straw on me voting for either of the two “main” candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, was Tuesday’s debate. There is now zero chance that my vote will support our current, ridiculous setup that we call the democratic process.

When my candidate, Ron Paul was eliminated, I was worried. He recently told everyone to vote 3rd party and I now truly believe he was correct. The only real “change” we’re ever going to get is by getting rid of the donkey and elephant and voting 3rd party. I’ve begun research on the 3rd party candidates and will make a much more detailed post later after my anger with the current system subsides.

With internet problems and hardware delays, JK Says will return next week.

I apologize for the delay but we’ll get back on track.

So the Milwaukee Brewers clearly are not focused on going to the post-season.

Brewers ace C.C. Sabathia threw a complete game one hitter in their victory over Pittsburgh at PNC Park. In the 5th inning, a check swing by Andy LaRoche was grounded to Sabathia’s right side. Sabathia tried to bare-hand the ball, couldn’t come up with it and LaRoche was safe at first. Pirates official scorer Bob Webb ruled the play a hit, the first one for Pittsburgh. Sabathia then proceeded to throw a no hitter the rest of the way ending the game allowing only that controversial hit.

Of course that wasn’t the end of the controversy. Ned Yost and the rest of the Brewers organization wrote Major League Baseball sending them tapes of the game and written explanation as to why that play should have been called an error as opposed to a hit.

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball denied the change, saying that the hit will stand.

Well let’s start with the hit itself. Now when was the last time you ever saw an infielder who absolutely HAD to bare-hand the ball to make the play, be credited with a non-throwing error? My guess is that you haven’t. For C.C. to make that play would have been extremely difficult, and even if he had gotten the throw to first, he likely would not have thrown LaRoche out.

Now why were Yost, and Brewers management so up in arms about this ordeal? Yost practically berated Sabathia in the post-game press conference saying “that’s a play that has to be made”. More or less this was simply trying to influence MLB into changing the ruling. Why exactly are the Brewers so focused on this feat? How about you guys focus on trying to catch the Chicago Cubs that you still trail by 4 or 5 games?

Another thing, how do you know Sabathia would not having given up a hit the rest of the way? Ever watch a no-hitter through 7 or 8 innings? It gets very pressure filled. Pitchers tense up, mistakes happen. It is impossible to say whether the game would have continued in the way that it did. Why do you think so many no-no’s are broken up in the 7th, 8th, and 9th?

This is also a slap in the face to scorekeepers everywhere. Now in the future, if I am scoring a Brewers game, and someone calls up to me to change the ruling, I would hang up on them immediately.

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One of the biggest stories of the Olympic games for the United States was a tragic one. The death of Todd Bachman, father of former Olympic volleyballer Elizabeth Bachman, and father-in-law of U.S. Men’s Head Coach Hugh McCutcheon was very emotional for the team and the entire country.

Well despite the setbacks, the Men’s Volleyball team played for gold last night at midnight Eastern time. They won the gold medal in 4 sets 20-25, 25-22, 25-21, 25-23. Now normally I’d prevent spoilers but this is a sporting event and already happened. Of course it was viewed by a television audience of precisely zero.

The match is scheduled to be aired just prior to the closing ceremony (also recorded), in prime time Sunday night.

So let me get this straight…One of the major sports at the Olympics, which has one of the most emotional stories of the Olympics, which hasn’t had a medal in 2 decades, who are undefeated in the Olympics and are playing for the gold medal, get bumped to an 18 hour tape delay?

Not only that, but at the same time on CNBC, Universal HD, AND the official Olympic Basketball channel, they are showing a bronze medal basketball game between two teams which are NOT the U.S. Three channels for the same game, but none for the Men’s Volleyball gold medal match live? So I turned to regular NBC and maybe they’ll come to their senses and show it. Nope, I get tape delayed Mountain Biking.

To throw salt in the wound, they made a big deal about showing the Men’s Volleyball semi-finals LIVE. Why could they not show a more important match live?

It would have been a perfect lead-in to the Men’s Basketball gold medal match at 2:30pm Eastern which was LIVE on NBC.

You cannot possibly tell me that more people who were up at that hour were more interested in rhythmic gymnastics, mountain biking and the bronze medal basketball game.

Nice job NBC, way to take away one of the greatest moments of these Olympics and put it on tape delay when you could have easily shown it to an audience live. Hopefully you lose a ton of ratings points from the intelligent people out there who can decipher the difference between recorded sports, and live ones.

To say that Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh were the favorites to win gold in beach volleyball would be an understatement for the ages.

Not only did they look better than ever (in more ways than one), but they never even dropped a set in the entire tournament.

Although the gold medal match against the Chinese looked like a close match the entire time, the duo prevailed in straight sets to win their second straight gold at the games.

I thought NBC did a great job of getting the Olympic committee to get their matches live in prime time in the U.S.

What else is there to say about their dominance? Will they return? It’s only speculation at this point but the question is can two players in their mid-30’s really compete in London in 2012?

It was a rough team event on the opening night of gymnastics. Especially for the top competitors for the U.S. team, namely Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson.

After the near choke job by the team, Luikin won gold in the individual competition thanks to a magnificent score on the uneven bars. She edged out Johnson to win by half a point.

However after that, the controversy began as Luikin had the gold stolen from her by Kexin He of China. Luikin appeared to have a better performance on the individual uneven bars, but He was awarded the gold after a tie breaker rule gave it to her. This would not have happened under the old system.

Johnson finally got gold in the last event of the competition when she edged Luikin in the individual beam finals.

Overall it was a very enjoyable gymnastics but it doesn’t feel the same with the ridiculous new scoring system. It seems like even perfection is not rewarded as much as before.

Silver medals are nothing to shake a stick at, but unfortunately for the United States’ Softball team, the silver medal is considered a failure.

Japan defeated the US 3-1 yesterday in the gold medal match in a game that was dominated by pitcher Yukiko Ueno. This was a rematch of the round robin game which was won by the U.S. 1-0 in a 9 inning spectacle of a game.

The even worse news is that this is essentially the last you’ll ever hear from the US Softball team because softball (along with baseball) are now OUT of the Olympics in the future.

It’s funny because essentially the reason the sport was taken away was the dominance of the Unites States. So much for that. Either way, it’s a rough loss for the team.

Well no matter what you think, these Beijing games will be remembered mostly for one thing, Michael Phelps’ amazing run at 8 gold medals. A flawless victory for Phelps who won easily in some races while winning by the slimmest of margins in others.

I don’t want to break down every single race because it’s swimming. Seriously who all knows every little nuance of swimming? If you say you do you are probably lying. It’s very simple, swimming is relevant for about 9 days every 4 years so I don’t feel I can accurately break down the amazing 4 leg of the relay where Jason Lezak turned into a submarine to overcome a full body length deficit with 25 meters to go. I can’t tell you how Phelps managed to use his huge reach to win his 2nd to last race by .01 seconds.

What I DO know, is that this is easily the greatest accomplishment in the history of the Olympics. I also know that it could be one of the greatest achievements in sports history. The problem is, 2 months from now, no one will care. That is essentially what these games are all about too. We see things we don’t normally see, we watch intently, and then we move on.

Phelps is a great guy and a greater role model to what all young people should look to achieve.

There is one thing about Phelps that bothers me however. Recently he has been linked to Lindsay Lohan. Michael, don’t do it. The cost of being in the news after the olympics is not worth the hit to your image. Why would you want to be involved with that train wreck? Lohan is everything that is wrong with our morally bankrupt society and this can not possibly help Phelps out.

A few days ago posted a small article about a video made by bungie which is a video acceptance speech, to say the least, for winning an Edge Award for “Interactive Innovation”. The video was done in Machinima style and teased at several different things while not confirming any of it.

Take a look!

If you snoop around the Internet long enough you will get pretty much the same answer from everyone, bungie is making a full map editor and is adding bots to the multilayer. Which are pretty reasonable and somewhat obvious inquiries, BUT….. that’s not enough for me. Let me clarify, being a fan of the halo series and of bungie studios sense Halo 1 came out I’ve learned that bungie ALWAYS has something up their sleeve. While all that people are saying about the video, the map editor, the bots, there maybe much much more to this that we don’t even realize yet.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about it last night. He says “who knows it could end up being an entirely new game for all we know”. Hows that for more to the video than we think? Though i may not agree with him totally there i have no dought in my mind bungie wont disappoint us with what ever it might be that they release.

This brings me to my next point, if say this is a map editor. This will pump up the user created or community created content in other words by, well alot. More user content means more halo experience, more halo experience means no need for halo 4 yet. And yes I’m sure there will be a halo 4 its only a matter of when. So my thought is we are not going to see halo 4 until the new xbox.

I am quite excited to see what all this turns out be. One of the things I love and I believe should be in every video game is the chance to make something your self, user created content. I live for stuff like that. I’ve spent hours upon hours in forge poring my creativity into maps and other things and still am not bored of it. I can’t imagine what a complete map editor would do to me. Also being a machinima writer this would open up so many possibilities for new machinima.

Bungie loves the community more than anything and that’s what makes them so successful, among other things. They know what we like so its safe to say what ever they have planned is not going to disappoint.


After years of touchdown passes, winning seasons, and even a Super Bowl Championship, the Green Bay Packers and Brett Farve have parted ways.

Of course the only thing that prevented Farve from playing with the Packers, is Brett Farve himself. Remember just a couple days ago that everything was set with him ready to “earn his spot” on the team? Well it’s Farve’s decision that negated that. Simply another slap in the face to the organization and to the loyal fans of Green Bay.

Look, everyone knows if there had been a competition for the starting QB spot, Farve would have won easily. The fact is that Farve is acting like a baby for not getting his way. Apparently he’s above having a competition. Of course it’s pretty obvious that fans are not going to be happy and the blinded Packer fans will simply turn the other cheek and forgive Farve for figuratively spitting on them.

Farve seems legitimately confused as to why the Packers don’t want him. I can think of a few reasons…

– Remember 2 years ago when he held out THROUGH the NFL draft about his future? Yeah, how are the Packers supposed to draft when they have no clue about the future of their most important position?

– His retirement announcement was pretty sincere and it SHOULD be safe to say he’s done. So now the team is trying to groom Rodgers into the starting spot and what happens…Farve wants to keep playing.

– $20 million to go away. If this didn’t click for Farve, it’s obvious nothing else will. 20 mil to NOT play? Yeah that’s the ultimate stay the hell out of Lambeau field gesture.

I know people like “farvefan” would probably still back Farve if he became a serial killer as they would somehow justify it. Let’s be realistic here. Farve is a legendary quarterback, and a good guy, but he’s absolutely going about this the wrong way and no matter what anyone says or thinks, this will go over about as well as Joe Montana playing for the Kansas City Chiefs did.

Of course speaking of other teams, the Tampa Bucs and the New York Jets seem likely to be the new home of Brett Farve.

Now hopefully we can get to more important things in sports like the olympics, the start of the NFL for 31 other teams, the MLB pennant chase, and every other great story that is going by the wayside.

You are completely annoying. Your legacy is being destroyed in my mind and you are turning into that old guy that starts talking to you for no reason and won’t leave you alone.

In a football sense he’s absolutely killing the Packers. How can that organization move forward with these side antics going on?

It’s now be reported that Brett Farve has been offered $20 million to NOT play for the Pack. Details aren’t completely available, but Green Bay is set to offer him this money over several years to simply go away.

Another option is to trade him to the Vikings or Bears, inter-divison rivals they wanted to avoid dealing with.

Look, I love the NFL. Even after moving away, I still have Indianapolis Colts season tickets, but Farve is absolutely ruining my experience with the league because that’s all anyone in the media wants to discuss.

Brett, stop pissing everyone off and just go away. Save what little dignity you still have and stop being a baby. No one would have thought less of you if you had just said at the end of last season you wanted to return. Remember that Farve had a great 2007 and could certainly play a few more years and still be effective.

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We’ll run down a list of winners and losers at the deadline and get you ready for the final 2 months of the season.

I loved the X-Files. I thought it was one of the best written shows ever made. Chris Carter is a genius. The adjectives to describe the show (even the 9th and final season), are nearly endless. Having said all that, I went to see the first showing on opening day of the latest X-Files movie.


Of course I had I expectations for a movie that is 7 years in the making to a show that helped make the Fox network what it is. I left with a feeling of disappointment and distaste for what was put together in this production. Like the previous movie, Fight the Future, you absolutely HAD to have seen the series and followed it pretty well to know what was going on. Right there that limits the audience immediately. The crowd of about 25 people in the theatre were clearly fans of the show though.

There are numerous references to specific shows and incidents, and in a way picked up where it left off with Mulder being wanted by the FBI. Scully was told to get Mulder on a case and all past crimes would be forgiven. Both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are clearly older than when they were last seen on the small screen show, but after a few minutes they are right back in character and play their most known roles efficiently.

The biggest issue I had with the movie is that it was nothing special about the plot at all. The final 5 or 6 episodes of the series tied up loose ends all over the place. John Doggett’s son’s case being put to rest, Scully’s son William, the death of the Lone Gunmen, The Smoking Man’s’ “third death”, and of course Mulder’s return and ultimate escape from the FBI. Where was the big plot in this movie? All this movie turned out to be was a big reunion for Mulder and Scully with the FBI solving a case that involved little paranormal activity, something that the show itself was based on in the first place. This irks me the most because if felt nothing like the X-Files. It’s as if Mulder and Scully were involved in another show and were making guest appearances as themselves.

Throw into the mix that there were zero returning characters from the show until the last 30 minutes when the guy I most expected to be in it, Walter Skinner finally appeared. They really couldn’t have Doggett or Monica Reyes, or anyone else from the show on there?

I expected a big deal, an FBI cover up, ANYTHING about aliens, something to reference a real paranormal plot line from the show. What I got was a somewhat psychic priest and nothing else.

Perhaps the best part of the movie was the previews where I got to see the first trailer for Saw V. It lasted all but 20 seconds and showed no footage, but it means that the next installment is only 3 months away.

The reviews for this movie were mixed but a lot of them said only devoted fans of the show will truly enjoy it. I beg to differ. I left unhappy and shocked at the lack of quality put into this movie. True fans of one of the best shows ever deserve better.