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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Well if there was ever to be a game to go get at midnight at Gamestop or any other place that has a midnight release, it would be for Grand Theft Auto 4.

All week the fantastic options, gameplay, and additions have come out regarding specifics to the controversial game.

There have been great advertised games like Fable that failed to meet the hype. There have been great games that were just what everyone expected like the Halo series. There have been great games that were even better than what you’d expect like Bioshock.

Now, here comes a game that is everything you could want and more…and according to IGN, for REAL this time.

You can see IGN’s official review here

You read that correctly, a 10. A perfect score for GTA 4. What does that mean? Well it means that no matter who you are, you need to have this game. 10 is an absolute mecha of video game ratings, especially at IGN where they only give the truly remarkable games a 9 or above. In fact, if you look at other official gaming reviews on the net, they all have thus far given a perfect score of 10 (or equivalent). By the way, the last game IGN gave a 10 to was Soul Caliber way back in 1999. That means the last two console generations have failed to achieve such a status with a game.

GTA is already set to break sales records including most money put down on reservations. While the game may be controversial and gives guys like Jack Thompson a reason to breathe (albeit wasted oxygen), you cannot downplay the execution and dedication Rockstar puts into this series.

Assuming the reviews maintain this pace, GTA 4 will OFFICIALLY become the highest rated video game in history according to, surpassing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, another absolute classic.

Go get this game now.

I’ll post next week about the multiplayer possibilities.


I love playoff hockey no matter what level. Check out this box score of the Albany vs. Philadelphia AHL game.

Well I knew they’d be able to put out good multiplayer games on XBLO. Starting on Monday, we have a new game for Xbox Originals!

The sequel to an absolute classic and groundbreaking multiplayer game, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory changes very little from it’s previous installment, Pandora Tomorrow.

I really don’t care about the single player aspect, though it IS fantastic. It was the multiplayer 2 vs. 2 game play that was amazing. 2 vs. 2 doesn’t seem like much but it makes both players very accountable. It also means fewer idiots involved in the game since most people used a partner to play with.

This is a MUST have simply for the multiplayer alone. However, at $15 and the risk of taking up half your 20GB hard drive, it’s probably best to get a cheap used copy from Gamestop for $6. The game IS backwards compatible in case you’re wondering.

If you’re worried about there being too few people online, I’m with you. However, I believe with this being released on Xbox Originals, I think there will be plenty of players old and new to keep everyone busy for a long time.

Best multiplayer EVER.

Go get this game!

Ok, I’ve been questioning the $1000 leeway for getting a double showcase/Million Dollar win in the showcase.

I thought the first two $1,000,000 wins were simply WAY too easy and it should have remained a $250 or less difference to win it.

Drew Carey is simply amazing though. He gave away $1,000,000 on his FIRST show of Power of 10, and then on his first Million Dollar Spectacular gave it away. Then again he did it! Howie Mandel? Not so much.

However, not yet has someone won the $1,000,000 pricing game. Clock Game was chosen as this game. Bob Barker always described this game as the only pricing game where if you know how to play it, you can win every single time. To win the big money you had to get both prizes in just 10 seconds. Not easy at all.

See what happened in case you didn’t:

In case you aren’t paying attention, Alex Ovechkin has 65 goals. SIXTY-FIVE GOALS! The Washington Capitals are on an absolute roll right now and Ovechkin has lifted his team on his shoulders and refuses to let them lose.

Everyone thought it was over when forward Nicklas Backstrom put the game winning goal into his own net a few weeks ago. Since then, Ovechkin has led his team on a tear and is now in position to sneak in and possibly win the division.

Unless you are a fan of Boston or Carolina (ha ha, the Canes don’t have fans), I don’t see how you can NOT root for the Caps. Ovechkin exemplifies everything that is right about the game. He appreciates playing here, he loves it, and he works 100% on each and every shift, even when hurt.

If you think anyone other than Ovechkin should get the league MVP, you are not paying attention or you are probably an idiot.

I know I can’t wait to see what happens in the final weekend of the entire Eastern Conference.